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Rome Dollars for Scholars Application will open on February 15, 2024

Applications will close March 15, 2024. Students must complete their part of the application by midnight on this date. 

Specific Directions for filling out the application for the Rome Chapter are on our documents page and in the counseling office at RFA and NYSSD



Consider becoming a Dollars for Scholars Sponsor. See any board member for information on sponsorship levels. 



Rome Dollars for Scholars®

Rome Dollars for Scholars is a nonprofit organization that supports academic success in our community.  Our Dollars for Scholars chapter exists to help Rome N.Y. area students achieve their educational goals by raising scholarship funds, establishing endowments, and distributing scholarships each year.

Spearheaded by M. Carolyn Gleasman, Rome Dollars for Scholars was founded in 1983 and  established on April 6, 1984 by a group of civic minded citizens who saw a need to help the young people of Rome fund their college educations.  Throughout our 34 year history the Rome Dollars for Scholars has given away over a million dollars to over 1,500 Rome area students.

In 2022 we gave scholarships totaling over $70,000, to 64 graduating seniors from Rome Free Academy.

Rome Dollars for Scholars scholarships are made possible through the generosity of Rome citizens, businesses, and civic organizations. 

This website provides chapter resources to our volunteers, community and students. 

 To learn more about our history, goals, and volunteers click here

To find out what's new click here

Volunteers, and those interested in becoming volunteers, can click here to get connected.


Students and Parents:

Are you are a student looking for our Dollars for Scholars chapter scholarships?  If so, you're in the right place! 

Just click here to begin filling out your student profile -- not only will you be able to find and apply for our scholarships, you'll also discover scholarships from across the Scholarship America network.

Be sure to read the information carefully for each award.  The general criteria for all awards includes being a candidate for graduation in June and being accepted for enrollment at a college, university, business, trade or technical school in the fall.  Award winners, unless otherwise noted, will be selected by the Rome Dollars for Scholars Awards Committee comprised of board members from the school district, the community, and appointed by the Board of Directors. 

Selection of award winners will not be determined solely on the basis of academic achievement.  While academic acheivment is considered, other criteria such as financial need, program of study, extracurricular activities, and school and community involvement are used to determine award winners.  Award winners will represent a wide range of academic achievement.

All students who complete the Dollars for Scholars student profile will be given equal considerationAward eligibility is considered anonymously.  Please do not include your name in or on your essay.